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Enjoy increased control over the way you cool your home in Sydney and benefit with improved energy efficiency and comfort with an AC zoning solution from Omega Air Conditioning.

1. AC Zoning For Your Sydney Home

Don't waste electricity and money cooling rooms within your home that don't need it or aren't in use. With AC Zoning, you're able to split your home in to any number of designated zones which can then be controlled independently of each other.

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2. Better Comfort Control

Heat rises, so your upper floors are often hotter, or maybe you have a room that's hotter than the rest of your home as it receives more sunlight. With AC zoning, you don't have to compromise on a temperature to be set for the entire home. Instead, select the preferred temperature for each zone according the needs of the room and relax in cool comfort and enjoy an even temperature throughout your home.

Energy Efficiency

3. Save With Better Energy Efficiency

By only operating the zones that need it or are in use, you have the means to lower your family's energy usage and save on energy costs.

4. Zoning Solutions For Different Systems

AC zoning works with both split system and ducted air conditioners. For homes with multiple split system heads, each head can be independently operated via a single compressor. For ducted systems, the air handler sends air to the ducts of the selected zone.

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5. The AC Zoning Experts

At Omega Air Coditioning, our experienced technicians will provide expert advice to help you choose the ideal number of zones to suit the needs of your home. Once the number of zones and the rooms within each zone have been selected we'll expertly install your AC zoning solution. We will then talk you through it's operation and answer any questions you may have.

6. Up Front Pricing

Your Omega Air Conditioning technician will provide you with a full price of your AC zoning installation up front.

7. Trusted In Sydney

Omega have been the trusted professionals of choice, providing our customers great service, expertise and competitive pricing.

For professional AC zoning installations in your Sydney home, call and speak with the experts at Omega Air Conditioning today.

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