AC Tune-Up

For better reliability and efficiency, keep your Sydney air conditioning system well maintained with a tune up from the AC specialists at Omega Air Conditioning.

1. Maintain Energy Efficiency And Performance With An Omega Tune Up

Your Omega Air Conditioning tune up includes cleaning filters, checking air flow and clearing blockages, oiling moving parts, replacing or repairing damaged or worn parts and ensuring your system is operating at peak performance and energy efficiency levels.

Battery Energy Efficiency

2. Prevent Breakdowns

With a professional tune up, we're able to detect, replace or repair components which show signs of wear or damage that could soon cause your system to breakdown. Preventing breakdowns before they happen will save you the inconvenience and cost of being without your AC when you need it and not having to pay for an emergency repair.

3. Up Front Pricing

Writtern Warranties

Book your air conditioning tune up with confidence knowing the full price before we start.

4. Tidy Service

Our technicians keep their work tidy while they perform your AC tune up. They wear covers over shoes and lay protective coverings on floors and furniture near work areas to minimise mess and clear everything up before they leave.

5. Convenient Appointments - On-time Service

We offer convenient appointment times for your AC tune up, to fit in with your busy schedule and you can be confident your Omega technician will arrive on-time.

To book a tune up of your air conditioning system in Sydney, call and speak with the friendly team at Omega Air Conditioning today.

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