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Keep your Sydney home warm and save when you depend on the expert advice and energy efficiency solutions provided by Omega Heating & Air Conditioning.


With improved air conditioning inverter technology, refrigerants and air flow, modern air conditioning systems provide vastly improved energy efficiency compared to their older counterparts. By upgrading your older system with new technology you have the means to lower your energy usage and costs without compromise to comfort.

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Divide your home into zones that your air conditioning can cool independently. Choose the number of zones to suit your needs and you could make reductions on cooling costs by only cooling the zones that need it or those in use. Discover more about the energy efficiency potential and other benefits of AC Zoning here.


Another solution to energy efficient cooling is with a programmable thermostat. Satisfaction GuaranteedSet the temperature you want and your AC will switch off automatically when it's reached and switch on and off to maintain that temperature. No need to leave your system running continuously to keep you cool. You can also program it to switch on prior to returning home so you'll arrive to cool relief on a hot day. Find out more about how to maximise energy efficiency and other features of programmable thermostats here.


With a professional periodic tune up, your air conditioning can continue to provide maximum energy efficiency. Read more about Omega's Tune-Up service here.


Benefit from your new AC's energy efficiency potential by getting the professionals to install it. Our technicians are trained to provide precision installations according to each system's manufacturer specifications ensuring your system is able to operate at optimum levels and reach the stated energy efficiency potential. They'll also ensure the system you've chosen is the right capacity to efficiently as well as effectively cool the area it's intended for. Too small and your system won't provide energy efficiency benefits, as it works harder to cool a space it was never designed for and could even cost you more to operate.

For energy efficient cooling solutions for your Sydney home or business, speak with the energy efficiency pros and call the team at Omega Air Conditioning today.

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