Digital Thermostats

Improve the way you control your Sydney home's air conditioning with a professionally installed programmable thermostat from the experts at Omega Air Conditioning

1. Digital Programmable Thermostat Installations

We'll have your programmable thermostat installed quickly and professionally so you can enjoy the improved benefits of remote temperature control and take advantage of the potential energy efficiency savings.

Up-Front Pricing

2. Increased Control And Improved Energy Efficiency

Lower your cooling energy costs without sacrifice to comfort with your digital programmable thermostat. With the ability to program your preferred temperature your ac will only operate until that temperature is achieved. It will then switch on and off periodically only to maintain that temperature, taking away the need to keep your ac running continuously to Fully Stocked Vehicles keep you cool and keeping your energy usage and costs under control. You can also program specific times of operation. Program it to switch on prior to getting up in the morning or to switch off after you've gone to bed. No leaving the ac running all night to keep you cool.

3. Remote And Wifi Operation

Enjoy the ease and convenience of operating your air conditioning remotely without having to search for a remote control. With an ac wifi app, you're able to program your air conditioner from anywhere inside or outside your home. If the weather warms up unexpectedly while you're out, simply access your ac wifi app and switch your ac on. You'll then enjoy cool relief the moment you walk through the door.

4. Up Front Price

As with all Omega services, we'll let you know the full price up front for your programmable thermostat installation or repair.

For programmable thermostat installations and repairs across Sydney, speak with the experts and call the team at Omega Air Conditioning today.

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